Article by Richard Morten. 3 July 2020.

Memories of the opening ceremony at Buzludzha Peak.

Photographed by Mihail Mihov, 1981.

A new campaign sets out to collect Bulgaria’s memories and stories about the Buzludzha Memorial House.

The Buzludzha Project Foundation, led by architect Dora Ivanova, yesterday launched a campaign to gather the personal stories of those with a connection to the Buzludzha Memorial House. This could include those who worked on the building’s construction, as well as the many people who visited over the following decade.

A statement from the foundation said: “The monument was and still is part of the life of many Bulgarians. This is also one of the reasons for its significance… These stories are important, but they disappear, untold and undocumented. Our goal is to create a dialogue between the generations because we believe that the conversation about the future of the building inevitably begins with a conversation about its past.”

Anyone who has a Buzludzha story to share has been invited to submit their contributions to the project. Forums will be held in several towns in the surrounding area, with sessions on the following dates:

16 July – Arsenal of Art Gallery, 4 Magura St., Plovdiv.
17 July – Zaharii Knyazhevski Regional Library, 44 Ruski Blvd., Stara Zagora.
18 July – Chudomir Literary and Art Museum, 6 Trapezitsa St., Kazanlâk.
19 July – Hristo Tsokev Art Gallery, 10 Kiril and Metodii St., Gabrovo.

To avoid queues on the day, participants are encouraged to get in touch early to arrange an appointment time. You can contact the project as follows:

Telephone359 88 334 6496
Post – Buzludzha Project Foundation, 25 Serdika St., Sofia 1202.

More information is available on the foundation’s website, or by watching the promotional video below: