About Us

This website is an online archive dedicated to the Buzludzha Memorial House.

Created by the Bulgarian designer Stefan Spassov, in collaboration with British doctoral student Richard Morten, it serves as a platform for the pair’s ongoing study and research into the monument’s past and potential future. Buzludzha’s creator, the architect Georgi Stoilov, has also been a key inspiration and source of support in the process of creating this archive.

This website has no connection to the Bulgarian government—the current owners of the monument—and neither is it linked to any funding initiatives or private businesses that might profit from the monument in any way. The site’s creators, as well as their partners, take no political stance on the subject, aiming only to offer impartial and unbiased reporting on the Buzludzha monument; on the historical period it represents; and about the variety of proposals that are being put forward concerning Buzludzha’s future.

If you would like to find out more, get involved, or simply share your feedback, please send us an email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

May 2020: An earlier version of this website also hosted the work of Dora Ivanova’s ‘Buzludzha Project Foundation.’ However, these two projects—one a historical archive, the other an architectural proposal—have since evolved into separate, but collaborating, entities. You can now view Dora Ivanova’s project here, or by following the links on the Preservation page of this website.